About Digital TV

digital-tvDigital TV is just an improved way of transmitting television pictures to improve the quality of the picture sound and number of channels available. 

There are three main ways of receiving digital TV;


  1. Using you roof to aerial – this uses the Freeview service
  2. Using a Satellite Dish – this uses a service such as Freesat or Sky
  3. Or trough a Cable – i.e Virgin Media

Digital TV is a way of transmitting the pictures and sound which make up a TV programme, together with other features like text and interactive services. It gives many advantages over the 'analogue' television transmission system that we have been using for nearly seventy years.
Because the information needed to make up the TV programme is 'coded' into a digital stream of ones and noughts - like the way a computer works - the technical quality can be much better and more consistent. The digital stream takes up much less capacity in the airwaves, so that the space need in the past for just one analogue channel can now carry five, six or seven different programmes. This means a much greater choice of services to watch if you are a digital viewer.

And that's not all. Digital TV can be widescreen. Many of your favourite programmes are in true widescreen on digital channels - something analogue TV cannot do properly.

And there is a whole experience of interactivity on digital TV. By using your remote control, you can access all kinds of information: digital text is much clearer than the old teletext system, and 'enhanced TV' gives you the added enjoyment of related information running alongside the programme you are watching. Some digital systems allow you to choose your camera view of big events, or to increase your choice of information, whether it is news or sport or other content. Some digital services also provide access to internet pages through your TV set.

In the Midlands we now all watch digital TV as the government has switched off the analogue TV services September 2011. You now will need digital TVs or digital set-top boxes to recive a picture. This can be via your TV aerial, Freesat, Sky or Cable.


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